The people's token

We will raise cryptocurrencies for the peripheries of the whole world!

Made by everyone and for everyone

The token built by volunteers

Favecoin was designed to be a community token of a social nature, where each investor, partner and volunteer will participate in its construction.

*The smart contract has been renounced and can no longer be manipulated by a centralizing owner.

Similar to Bitcoin, only for the people

The value reserve that represents you

Unlike Bitcoin the percentage of fees will be used to support the construction of projects that benefit everyone!

Favecoin will be an increasingly rare asset


Every semester there will be burning of Favecoins, making the asset more valuable


Pay, transfer and accept payments anywhere in the world


Technology that does not harm the environment with mining


Apply your Favecoins to help the network and receive passive income daily

Made for the People

Favecoin will bring the universe of cryptocurrencies and financial education to everyone

All of us

Created to build projects that will benefit the whole society

The 3 Pillars

1. Education

Build and establish partnerships with projects and companies that seek to offer quality personal and professional training to all

2. Entrepreneurship

Encourage entrepreneurship in the lower social classes so that they enrich their lives and the community where they live

3. Social causes

Provide opportunities for families to have access to income and carry out their economic ascent in society with freedom and autonomy

1% of each transaction will be directed towards accomplishing these purposes. The more Favecoin is used and disseminated, the faster this will happen

Education for all

Fave Academy

If you believe that education is one of the pillars for transforming our society, we are in this together!

We will take financial education and the universe of cryptocurrencies to the peripheries and slums of Brazil and the world.

In a second moment, we will establish partnerships with producers of online courses, companies and educational institutions that offer study opportunities for those who need it most.

No more training workers.
Let's train leaders!

No more training workers.
Let's train leaders!

Part of the amount collected will be used to support social projects.

The art of the future

Fave NFTs

A marketplace will be created especially for artists, gamers, influencers, youtubers and athletes who want to launch NFTs globally and safely.

There are many people making millions of dollars around the world with this technology and we want Latin America to be a part of it.

Anyone wishing to purchase NFTs will have to use Favecoins for that!

The platform will be non-profit, where part of the amount collected will be used to support social projects.

The future has arrived

Our mission is to make everyone participate in the universe of cryptocurrencies

Residents of Brazilian favelas move around $20.8 billion per year

We will bring the universe of cryptocurrencies to everyone

NFT market OpenSea hits $1.5 billion valuation

The NFT market is just starting in Latin America

Education Technology Must Be Accessible For All Students

Education is essential for a promising future



Some basic features of $FAVE and access links

To the moon

Together we can build the first token in Latin America to reach the TOP 100 Global of cryptocurrencies

3RD Quarter - 2021
1ª Stage
  • White Paper Version 0.1 (Official Documentation)
  • Initial private fundraising
  • Complete Smart Contract Audit
  • Initial Disclosure on Social Media
  • Beginning of the Pre Launch Realization on Unicrypt (ILO)
  • Public Offering and Official Launch with Listing at the PancakeSwap
  • Request to register on Blockfolio
  • Request to register on Coingecko and CoinMarketCap
4TH Quarter - 2021
2ª Stage
  • Support for the development of physical products with the Favecoin brand by our community in a decentralized way
  • Generation of value content through social media
  • Search together with the community the first online streamer that accepts donation in $FAVE
  • First social actions to take the universe of cryptocurrencies to the peripheries
  • First negotiations for NFTs launches in partnership with artists and influencers
2022 To the moon
3ª Stage - The Year of Consolidation
  • Mega campaign on Twitter to enter Trending Topics with the Hashtag of Favecoin
  • First stimulus to the development of musical hit with the theme Favecoin
  • First national competition for innovative projects for the development of the quality of life of all communities in Brazil
  • Support the creation of Favecoin's first mega graphite in São Paulo (making it a tourist point)
  • Listings in the main international cryptocurrencies exchanges
  • Official Launch of Fave Academy
  • Official Launch of Fave NFTs
  • High investment in marketing for expansion and adoption of Favecoin worldwide

All of these topics can change and improve at any time. Do you have any suggestions?
Send us by e-mail:

"We have learned to fly the air like birds and swim the sea like fish, but we have not learned the simple art of living together as brothers."
Martin Luther King Jr.

Estamos na mídia​

De pouco em pouco daremos a voz e a felicidade que o povo merece

Criptomoeda das favelas ($FAVE) já passou dos 100 milhões investidos

Favelacoin, a criptomoeda do povo e de todas as comunidades do Brasil

Mais de R$ 10.000 já foram doados para transformar vidas nas comunidades

Join the best community ever created in the crypto world

Together we can create the biggest and best cryptocurrency community in the world and transform lives!

The token created to bring opportunity and prosperity to those who really need it: the people!

Accept, pay and donate with Favecoin and help transform lives.


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